Want to join?

If you are interested in joining Troop 258, please attend one of our troop meetings on Monday evenings from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., at the Troop 258 A-Frame, located inside the Canby Community Park at 1348 SW Berg Parkway in Canby, Oregon. Although visitors are welcome at any of our troop meetings. It is best to contact our Troop Committee Chair a few days in advance of your visit. We do not mind you visiting but we want to make sure that you get to see a “typical” meeting. The 3rd Monday of the month is reserved for a PLC (Patrol Leader Council) meeting, which is a meeting for the youth leaders of the Troop. We also invite potential new scouts or rising Cub Scouts (Webelos 2s) to join us on any of our monthly camping trips to get a feel for our troop. Our monthly camping trips are typically (but not always) on the 3rd weekend of the month. The Troop has room to grow and currently has boys from Canby, Oregon City, Milwaukie, Aurora, Mollala, Mulino, Hubbard, Woodburn, Donald, and other cities adjacent to Canby.
Troop 258 Scout Number Policy
For the safety of the scouts and to maintain a reasonable number that can be supported with parking, building size, and adult supervision, Troop 258 will hold membership around 45 scouts. If the adult leadership reduces, the number of boys, may also need to be reduced. For safety, we are aiming at having a 1:8 ratio for younger boys and 1:12 ratio for adult to older boys. Troop 258 will not hold spots for any future scout. We will accept boys into the troop as they submit their paid registration. Scouts coming to the troop on scholarship will be accepted as equal to paying scouts, private donations/scholarships will be worked out with the family. Scouts may early-register in the year of their crossover. If the Troop reaches capacity, we will honor a wait list. Boys with an adult already in active leadership or older siblings already in the troop will have priority. We will not split parent and scout. Active leadership being monthly participation in a Troop 258 committee or Troop leader position. Sibling entering together will not be split by enrollment limits, we would accept both. We will offer suggestions of other area troops if Troop 258 has reached capacity, or if our Troop is not the right match for an inquiring family. It is our hope that all scout troops in the area will be successful, Troop 258 does not want to become a mega troop, nor monopolize the scouting program. Troop 258 wants to know the boys in the troop and provide individualized attention, which happens with strong leadership as well as a good scout:leader ratio. We are proud of our long-time tradition of scouting, and our high return of former scouting families to our troop. We hope that no Scout will ever need to be redirected to another troop, but hope that supporters understand the necessity in this day and age to a have safe number ratio of scouts to leaders to protect and guide our boys.
Can’t meet on Monday nights but still interested in Scouting?
The Boy Scouts of America realizes that it may be challenging for people to find Boy Scout troops in a certain area. They created https://beascout.scouting.org to help people find units. You type in your address and they display a map of units in the area.